You can place your order for snow removal services online. 
We appreciate when you plan ahead. If you place an order and your driveway does not need to be plowed,
we will not charge a fee. The charge is $55.00
Please notifiy us at least 24 hours in advance with this form. We cannot guarantee the time your driveway will be plowed. Please make sure your street numbers are visible. Or you can call 209-795-2500
To request Snow Services please fill out this form:
Cabin Name:
Street Address:
First Name:
Last Name:
Billing Address:
Cell Phone:
Arrival Date
Approx Arrival Time
We must have a description of your driveway! We cannot do gravel driveways.
Driveway Paved,

Slope of

Level Gentle up Steep Up
Gentle Down Steep Down
Landscaping: Please provide description:
Direction of driveway, landscaping if any or if your driveway is an ornamental driveway.
Description if necessary

We are not responsible for replacing gravel or dirt that the plow will naturally move around. It is our goal to leave your driveway with "two car spaces" wide or deep. The steepness of your driveway does effect the ability to plow further. Please read our "What you need to know" page.

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